Request Steps

Step 1 (Submit) – Click the orange button to submit your request. Available reports will be processed generally within three business days after submission. You will receive an email with a “Request Number” when your documents are ready. The Request # will begin with “CRAS” or “INCI” or “CITA.”
Step 2 (Search) – You will receive an email notifying you when your request is “Complete.” Click the blue “Search by Request #” button and enter the Request # from the email.
Step 3 (Pay) – After you enter the Request #, click the “Review and Pay” button to pay and download your report.

Welcome to EPORTS!

The Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) is committed to providing citizens with access to information under the principal of open government. DPS offers EPORTS as an online platform for efficiently seeking and obtaining available and responsive documents prepared by the Georgia State Patrol, Motor Carrier Compliance Division and Capitol Police.
Only crash reports, incident reports and citations/warnings can be requested via EPORTS.
For additional records please email For more information, please visit the DPS website.

Track your request

Enter the Request # from the email. The Request # will begin with “CRAS” or “INCI” or “CITA.”

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